31 January 2010

45 Pakistani Actresses and Models without Makeup

Check Out these 45 Pictures of Pakistani Celebrities without Makeup. These Pakistani Fashion Girls are looking not that much attractive without makeup as they look gorgeous in makeup. You will definitely Like this collection of 45 pictures of Pakistani Models Without Makeup. These are Looking like Pakistani Desi Model Girls without Makeup. Some of Them are also Pakistani Actresses and others are Famous Models of Pakistan.


Xille Huma (Model)

Rabia Butt (Model)

Naheed Shabir

Nausheen Shah

Model Sophiya Khan

Model Uzma Illyas

Urooj Nasir

Noor with minimal makeup

Tooba Siddiqui

Nadia Khan

Sunita Marshal, Tooba, Sara Gillani, Jia Ali

Javeria Saud

Gia Ali

Iraj Manzoor

Nadia Khan

Natasha Hussein

Sunita Marshal

Noor Bhatty

Rubya Chaudhry

Ayesha Omar

Iman Ali with makeup but not enough to cover her acne and acne scars. Iman Ali does not have clear skin, many of her pictures are photoshopped to show clear and flawless skin.

Sawera Pasha

Rabia Butt - Model


Vaneeza & Mehreen Syed

Amina Haq

Mona Liza

Maria Wasti

Reema Khan

Rabia Pirzada

Farhana Maqsood

ZQ (Zainab Qayoom)

Vaneeza, Tanya, ZQ, & Tooba

Anoushey Ashraf

Iman Ali


Madiha Iftikhar

Sarah Chaudhry


Myra Khan


Seemab (Shaadi Online)

Vaneeza Ahmed

Humaima Abbasi

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good to see that pakistani models are far better without make-up as compared to indian actresses without make-up.

What about personality dude....indian are good.

Had to agree....most indian girls are darkish while in pakistan they are mostly of light natural tanned....but neverthe less quite a few dark also esp in the south....

actually MUCH prettier without makeup than the indian girls.

iman ali is so ugli but she is a cute

Love the face of reema

By Aftab Shah

Indian girls or Pakistani girls... lol, they r belongs to same origin dudes, get a life...

oye harami,,4rm where we r from same regioon..u should see ur DARK,kaali nangi desi randhies,,dont comaper pAKISTANI uniqueness 2 ur prejuidice n biaseness,,,n what personality ur super stars hav we better know that,,they forget 2 wear underwears in pUBLIC, they KISS n PISSin PUBLIC,,n u say indian dark actressess hav personality..wdout makeup AISHWARIYA, miss world luk soooo oridinary,,just goole indian actressess,,they r "FAMOUS" by their MAKEUP n "BEAUTY" all over the world..atleast or pakistani actressess dont lie the world by PUTTING mILLION of tons of makeup n FALSE EYES in PUBLC as urs one does,,,THEY can reveal themselves in PIBLIC but ur1 cant.soo stay away from PAKISTANIes..just look in2 urselves n see how ugly,psychopathalic u dark DRAVIDIANS r...actally u indian LACK beauty thatsy u do such cheap things abt othr nations...see how DESI aVERAGE AIshwariya, pranika,deepika,katrina,vidya,bipasha,rimi, shusmita, n dark south indian actress luk in real life...they luk like drugs adicted,aids adicted indians the whole nation sucks n fucks,,no1 would want2 see indian actresses wdout makeup..n ur stupid media expose them as sexy hot party girls,,ohoo sorry AUNTIES....the models nactresses u mentined here, some of them even I really dont know n they do mostly small budget projecs n more desi,ugly n pissi cow boobs AUNTIES can b easliy find in INDIAN SOAPS...go 2 hell wd ur HORRIBLE miss worlds n universe,,how horrible they luk O MI GOD,,no1 want 2 stare at them,,no doubt PAKISTANI actresses n models r Far beautiful n mod then INDIAN randhies who fuck n fucks n then they get TITLES of miss beauty.........u sell ur girls n we enjoy their cow boobs n ass pussies n stag legs n u think ur women r the most beautiful women of the wrld,how beutiful they r n what kind of personality they hav ,,PPL know that..how pathalic u indians r..shoo..goo 2 hell ,,common wealth games me sari asliayt khul kr samny aa gai hy tm logo ki,,chheee chhheee haram khany waly nangy aids or hapatitis k maary hoye log,,rate krny chaly hen dosry MULKO ki LARIYON KO......

I saw world's actors and actresses without make and real pics on a website http://PAKCOMICS.com

well... pagal hen wo log jo ye kehtey hen k hmara origin same hai!! duffers na hon tu!! origin se kia hai aagey dekho kia un indians ki auqat hai aur kia hm pakistanis hen... i agree with that person who said k indian actreeses without make uo cancer, aids ki marian lgti hen!! khak beauty hai un ki!! wines pee pee k makruh chezen kha kha k unki shaklon pe khuda ki lanat prri hui hai.. kahin se natural beauty pta chlti hai unki?? han Allah ki bnai hun makhlooq hen wo log but satiya naas tu khudi unhon ne apni shaklon ka kia hai na!! pakistanis jesi b hen unki beauty natural hai munh pr lanat ni pri hui except that rascal veena!!

It is so rightly said that internet is a place where people can actually vomit out their dirt as being anonymous because such people have really no guts to throw up like this infront of people. Mind is such a pervert thing to know who don't attempt improve the state of the mind.

Jawaria jalil is looking prettiest of all even without makeup. Umaima Malik looks better without makeup than in makeup. Well most of the names are unknown to general public. After Jawaria , reema , sara choudri, ayesha omer, Mehreen Syed, farhana maqsood, natasha hossein, resham, nadia khan in picture-2 looks pretty without makeup. Actually, camera does not capture the beautiful features of most of people wether man or woman. So light makeup and proper lighing is also required. If someone looks pretty in picture or video with or without makeup you can not judge his\her beauty.Some ugly faces looks pretty before camera even without makeup. I remember a statement of a cameraman who said about Zeba Bhakhtiar( when she was young) that camera never captures her beauty fully without makeup so she has to do tan makeup to be looked pretty before camera.

Surprise ur pakistani girls oops aunties r so gud luking n sati savitri but still they r all so desperate to make it in bollywood n wud go to any length to bag a role in bollywood. Watch out humaima malik kissing n getting raunchy with Emraan Hashmi the serial kisser...


U perverts talk so big ,u people dnt have proper infratructure or food to eat, most of ur artists earn their bread wrking here,bloody rascals

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