All Bollywood and Pakistani Horror Movies from 1940 to 2012

Bollywood film industry makes all kind of movies, horror films are sub-genre of this industry. Bollywood always did their best to portray evil spirits, darkness, evil powers. Most of bollywood horror movies consists of black magic powers, evil powers of spirits, evil's revenge etc. Bollywood started making horror and scary movies in 1940s, such movies gained popularity in 60s and 70s so bollywood focused on horror movies too and made many more scary films in Hindi language.

Pakistani film industry also made few hit horror movies in Urdu in 60s and 21st century however number of horror movies made in Pakistan is negligible as compared to bollywood horror movies. Almost all bollywood horror movies have a lots of sexual scenes (a.k.a. sexy horror movies) and videos however Pakistani Urdu horror films did not added sexual plots in the movie. Here is a list of old and latest Horror movies made by Bollywood (including B grade horror movies) and Pakistani film industry Lollywood. You can watch most of the these horror movies online at YouTube or other video sharing websites however if any movie is not available online to be watched, you can purchase DVDs of those horror movies.

List of Latest and Old Horror Movies

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