Top 10 Bollywood Songs of Year 2011 - Updated LIST


These days’ people are great adorers of entertainment. People nowadays remain busy throughout the day at their own stressed professional lives and after returning from their own respective works they love to engage themselves at work. The advanced technologies and modern ideas have innovated a large number of entertainment ideas for the people. Among the various kinds of entertainment sources, the most popular and predominant source for entertainment is the songs. Everybody adores listening music at their spare time and music is such an extravagant source for entertainment that it not only takes away the exhaustment but also relaxes the mind and the soul. Watching movies and listening to music has been a common and popular activity in India these days by the people. The rising demands for the people for movies of more better and extravagant quality have compelled the directors to create more innovative movies ideas. Hindi pictures and songs have been the most favorite of all the people these days in India.
The directors in order to make more creative pictures or movies have developed a lot of creative ideas and they are being assisted by the producers with a handsome amount of money. Coming o the songs category, the top 10 best songs of Bollywood in the year 2011 has been from the top 10 best rated movies. The year 2011 has been a successful year for bollywood till now and has given the fans a lot of vivacious and marvelous entertainment packages through the extra-ordinary movies. The top 10 best songs are:-

Top 10 Bollywood Songs of Year 2011

  1. Haal-e-Dil from Murder 2
  2. Bhaag DK from Delhi Belly
  3. Jaaniya from Haunted 3D
  4. Jalebi Bai from Double Dhamal
  5. Ek Junoon from Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara
  6. Nasha (soul version) from Shaitaan
  7. Ja Chudail from Delhi Belly
  8. Shalu ke Thumke from Bin Bulaye Barrati
  9. Oye Oye from Double Dhamal
  10. Sau Baras from Haunted 3D
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