30 March 2013

Hrithik's Love for Water - No Holi Celebrations


Hrithik Roshan has become concious about water. He is famous for party celebrations but this time he did not celebrate Holi and he has got a strong reason behind that. Our sources, a close friend of Hrithik says:

He won’t be celebrating the festival as a mark of solidarity with those who are suffering from an acute water shortage in Maharashtra. Instead, he will only use only a small amount of gulaal to apply a shagun tika as part of the traditional ritual.

Its not Hrithik but entire Roshan family followed this and saved water by celebrating waterless Holi. Hrithik used limited colors since it requires a lot of water to wash off which kills the purpose of saving water. Its not just Roshan family but Bachchan family also celebrated a waterless Holi.

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