30 March 2013

Sunny Leone's 1.5 Crore Endorsement


Sunny has signed a deal of her first endorsement for a crazy 1.5 crore. A-list celebrities of Bollywood normally charges such figures for commercials and ads. Moreover the energy drink has been named XXX, same as Leone's past or may be current too profession.

Sachin Joshi, who owns the brand says its just a coincidence and there is no relationship between Sunny Leone's former profession and our drink's name. He added the energy drink is for youth and he is not trying to cash the XXX status of Sunny Leone.  He further said, for us XXX stands for Experience Extreme Excitement and Sunny Leone perfectly reflects this in her glamorous personality. Sunny, for us, is an actress like anyone else in the industry.

Sachin says our marketing team did a research before signing the deal with Sunny Leone and got results that she is popular among male audience (you know why) and that is the reason she is endorsing our brand.

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