05 September 2014

Sussanne Avoids Speaking about her Ex Husband Hrithik Roshan

While Hrithik Roshan is making his sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan, the center of his life, Sussanne is up and about trying to focus on her career. Sadly though, the couple has set their own criterion. Apparently Hrithik plans to hold a special screening of his upcoming film Bang Bang for his kids as they want to see his unbelievable superhero image on screen once again. Along with indulging them, he has also been open about giving them tidbits of the filmmaking process as well.

A source says, “Recently, Hrithik took his sons to music duo Vishal and Shekhar’s studio to show them a couple of songs from the film and also to familiarise them with the entire procedure of composing a song.”So where is Sussanne, one might ask? Well, she’s busy with her Interior decorating career. We hear she will soon feature on Raveena Tandon’s chat show Simply Baatein but she decided to be a part of it, if her terms and conditions were fulfilled. A source tells us “She made it clear that there will be no questions related to Hrithik Roshan. Secondly, she wanted to be addressed as Sussanne Khan. She was willing to talk about her parents and children and of course, home, because that’s what the episode was all about.”

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